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Kurdish developer team

Kurdish developer team work as registered company of Kurdistan page LLC, which is an International software development company, established November, 2018, in United States of American, as A limited liability company (LLC).

The main aim, is to provide facilities and experiences with many options, for clients world wide, of online solutions and payment gateway.

For modern enterprises, software is the ultimate value driver. That’s why Kurdistan Page LLC set out to become the software pioneers of a truly connected world. Their mission to empower you to become a truly connected enterprise. Using their industry-leading suite of products across integration & API management, IoT & analytics and business transformation, they create a fluid flow of data between people, departments, systems, and devices.

Kurdish developer team are not new to this. Since 2008 they have been dedicated to integrating and connecting everything to help more than 1,000 businesses instantly.

Since 2008 working on web applications solutions, of web developments, accountant system, management solutions, and smartphone and PC applications.

Until now, they had publish applications on both smartphone operation system (Android and AppleOS), MacOS and WindowsOS application.

  • Firotk KRD, it is the online electronic multivendor mall, give the opportunity of people to publish and sell their products, which is published on 12, March 2020.
  • ePay KRD, for digital products, voucher cards, and Scratch Cards for Internet and mobile GSM packages, the ePay.KRD published on August, 2021 and fast growing application in Kurdistan Region.
  • Kurd Guide, give the opportunity to list personal and business place to global navigation directory as free service.
  • Menu KRD, specialist for restaurant, cafe shop, hotels and any other place those need to provide their customers with menu.
  • Kurd Wallet, safe and secure electronic wallet, and connected officially to Stellar and TrOX blockchains thru special protocol of cryptocurrency exchange.

Accountant and management systems for many of our clients in MENA.

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special offer $130 – Duhok Only

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NanoStation®M LiteBeam™M.

Tenda FH330, WIFI Router.

Ethernet Network Cable.

1 month internet subscription off (Plan 50)


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Spcial Offer – Erbil Only


NanoStation®M LiteBeam™M.

Tenda F3, WIFI Router.

Ethernet Network Cable.

1 month internet subscription off (Plan 50)

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DC Applications
Throughout the world, educational, corporate and residential users are shifting the technology base of their telephone, network and multimedia requirements to infrastructures that require the support of DC power solutions. Precision UPS, in a leading effort to support these shifts in technology requirements is introducing its rst DC UPS product with all the features and support our customers have come to expect from our history of AC-powered.

Key Features
Designed to Support: Cable Telephony, Wireless Local Loop (WLL), Fiber to the Home (FTTH), Fiber to the Curb (FTTC), Integrated Access Devices (IAD), Voice over IP Sets, Voice over DSL.

Green Power Function
Our UPS is equipped with Green Power Function. For saving power and protecting battery, the method of deep discharging protection is adopted on inverter mode.

Application Load
SMART DC UPS can be used for Router, Modem, IP Camera, IP Telephone, portable charger, POS Machine and so on.